About Koav

Our Name

KOAV [kōv] is a naturalistic-based lifestyle brand founded by Glenn Haslbeck an outdoor enthusiast who has invested a major part of his life’s pursuit to interacting with the natural environment. The KOAV name was derived from the combination of two ideas: Koa, a hawaiian word for the brave, bold, fearless and valiant hero or warrior. Prudently brave in a non combative war to win back our inherent human right to enjoy life in the abundace that nature intended for each and every one of us. The “V” represents the 5 vital elements and our 5 senses. There is an invisible and constant interaction between these elements and between our senses. These forces act for or against each other to create harmony or disharmony. It is upto the living things, to understand the effectiveness of the five elements and use them to their advantage in creating a harmonious environment to live in.

Our Mark

Represents the shelter, community or “cove” that we each reside within. This is the place we feel safe, the place we protect, the place we love. The dual nature of life. It is also the power of a whale’s tail to guide us forward through our journey. It is a reminder to find balance with the Nature that surrounds you. Wether we are drawn to the oceans, the mountain tops or the lands in-between all of us have a profound respect for the effects we humans have on the intended balance of nature. To effect the most profound voice of change we must make our voice heard, first and foremost, in our individual communities the sheltered shorelines that encompass the globe.

Our Mission

KOAV is an ever evolving collection of wearable art and ideas intended to cultivate thought, action and a rebirth of ancient ideals whereby our natural environment and the balance within is central to each and every life on earth. Our brand is for those who care less about fame, glamour or the material…this is for those who define themselves by the fluid nature they strive towards while interacting with nature…a surfers search for liquidy of movement that matches that of a wave. A place where your mind is numb and your bodies movement memory is in perfect sync with the now. We believe that the same people that spend time in Nature are the soles that understand the importance of existing in balance with the elements. Everyone of us possesses the ability to effect positive change to our environment and to raise consciousness on a global level.