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A lifestyle project Powered by Nature.

Aloha! KOAV was established in 2005 as a lifestyle project devoted to the awesome power and beauty of Mother Nature.  Inspired by an intimate life-long journey interacting with the natural enviroment.  Born and raised on the slopes of the coastal maintains of Canada my journey drew me to the untamed plains of the the Pacific Ocean.  It was the Windsurfer that captured my imagination, at an early age, reshaping my lifestyle around the pursuit of mastering the interaction between the wind and the waves. The focal point of this journey is to create, share and flow in synchronicity while interacting with nature. Let the power of nature be your guide!

Wind Driven

Wind Driven is for those that understand that Nature was never meant to be moved. It was always intended to move you.

Paradise Living

There are no bad days living in a state of paradise.  Paradise is a frame of mind and exists no matter where you live.  Make time to enjoy the simple things and spread the good vibes wherever you may venture.

Northwest Coastal

I grew up on the lands that have been inhabited by the Northwest coastal tribes for more than 10,000 years.  Their art and way of living has left a profound influence on me and continues to inspire my creative interests and the way I strive to live my life.

The Shore

The Shore has inspired and evolved more aspects of mountain biking than any other area in the world. This collection is influenced by the awesome beauty of the coastal Mountains and the legendary trail builders who created this iconic mtb trail network.